Hario V60-02 Filter Paper (White)

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logo_hario Hario place the highest value on quality and produce high-quality products with excellent design and functionality. Glass instruments are the result of skills inherited and improved by experienced craftsmen at HARIO since 1921.

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Hario V型濾杯專用酸素漂白濾紙 (VCF-02-40W)

Hario V型濾杯專用酸素漂白濾紙 (VCF-02-100W)


  • 日本 Hario 原廠出品
  • 酸素漂白濾紙
  • V型濾杯專用濾紙
  • 2-4杯份用 
  • 40/100枚入 
Hario Filter Paper



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