Course / Workshop

Welcome to our Coffee workshop! A place on a coffee course can be a great gift for a coffee lover or simply a treat for you if you want to learn more about coffee - an amazingly complex subject.

Our courses offer you a real chance to get to grips with every aspect of coffee. From pulling perfect espresso to learning the art of cupping, these courses promise to be full of information for the coffee lover.

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課程 / 工作坊

歡迎來到我們的咖啡工作坊!作為一個咖啡愛好者,如果您想了解更多關於咖啡 - "一個非常複雜的課題",一個可以體驗咖啡歷程的好地方對你們來說絕對是一件很好的禮物。



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