Cafelat Cafe Knockbox

$ 549.00

Inside is a beautiful satin bead blasted finish.

Product Weight: 1220g

Product size: 13cm H x 17cm W x 23cm L

Designed by: Paul Pratt

Available on backorder

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This is the newest Cafelat knockbox,  the replacement for the Classic Knockbox/Stainless Steel Knockbox which had been in production since 2006.

This is much larger size for the serious home barista or the coffeeshop.

The main body is stainless steel with a brushed finish, the bar has a solid stainless steel inner core with a very durable TPR overmould and all other parts are silicone rubber.

Inside is a beautiful satin bead blasted finish.

The rubber bar is reinforced with a solid stainless steel bar and all rubber parts are replaceable.


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