Milk to Perfection 20oz Milk Pitcher

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Graeme Stewart had worked, learning his craft, in a busy family owned coffee shop. A dedicated student of all things ‘cafe culture’, he became fascinated by the growth in latte art and the wonderful patterns that could be produced on the crema of the coffee. He found it a very difficult art to truly master, as even slight variations can affect the end result. It was then that Graeme transformed his finely honed techniques into an innovative product, one that would automatically spin the milk correctly – every time!

By adding a stainless steel tube to the centre of the milk jug, he discovered that the desired spinning effect was routinely achieved, without the need for skilful tilting, to prevent the milk ‘bubbling up’.

So finally here was a solution to give any coffee shop a good reputation for delivering perfect coffee, consistently, regardless of who made it. Further, not only is the jug perfect for making lattes and cappuccinos, but also great for hot chocolate, or other milk based drinks. Hence the product name: ‘Milk to Perfection’ – because that is what this jug delivers, without the need for costly training courses.

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Milk to Perfection

For years the coffee industry has seen great advances in coffee-making technology, but virtually none in the critical area of obtaining the correct texture of the milk - essential for the perfect latte or cappuccino. 

The Milk to Perfection jug has transformed this technique into an innovative product, one that would automatically spin the milk correctly – every time!

  • Central tube automatically spins the milk
  • European Community design registered
  • Light weight & durable
  • Perfect spout for pouring Latte Art
  • Excellent for new or current Baristas


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