Le Nez du Whisky – 54 Aromas Kit

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Le Nez du Whisky® 54 aromas:


1 blackcurrant bud, 2 geranium, 3 honey, 4 rose,
5 tobacco leaf, 
6 hay, 7 green grass.


8 pineapple, 9 cherry, 10 peach, 11 pear, 12 apple, 13 lemon,
14 mandarin, 15 orange, 16 pomelo, 17 dried fig, 18 walnut, 19 prune.


20 oak, 21 resinous, 22 sherry, 23 toasted almond, 24 toasted hazelnut,
25 coconut, 
26 caramel, 27 chocolate, 28 custard, 29 vanilla, 30 anise,
31 cinnamon, 32 ginger, 33 herbs, 34 mint, 35 nutmeg, 36 allspice,
37 black pepper, 38 liquorice, 39 earthy.


40 biscuit, 41 coffee, 42 toast, 43 malt, 44 butter, 45 leather, 46 broiled meat.


47 smoky note, 48 peat, 49 seaweed, 50 seashell, 51 medicinal, 52 rubber, 53 tar, 54 sulfur.

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The Worlds Ultimate Whisky Education Tool

54 aromas make up the DNA of this marvelous spirit, with floral, fruity, spicy, toasty, woodsy, vinous, phenolic, peaty and marine notes.

The classification is presented in families on an aroma wheel included in the box.

This unique work will take you on an exploration of whiskies from Scotland and other parts of the world, through the writings of renowned specialists and superb illustrations.

Scotsman Charles MacLean, one of the best whisky writers of our time, tells a century of Scotch malt whisky through 12 personal tasting accounts.

French writer and journalist specialised in gastronomy and spirits, Martine Nouet reveals the art of delicately harmonizing the spirit of a whisky with the spirit of a dish.

Book-object dressed in delicately embossed deep black, with white screen printing.

High-quality design.

Size: 31.5 cm x 21 cm x 8 cm.

Weight: 3.7 kg.

Made in France.



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