Ditting KR804 Coffee Grinder

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ditting_logoDitting has taken a leading role in the global development, production and distribution of professional, high-end coffee grinders, grinding discs and coffee dosing systems. This has been possible only with our intensive cooperation with customers, coffee associations, and motivated, well-trained employees, as well as continuous investments in new and more efficient production and quality processes.

Ditting follows the tradition of “Made in Switzerland“ in every aspect of the company’s philosophy, starting from the selection of raw materials and components, production procedures and products, taking consciously into account the environment and well-being of our employees and customers.

Ditting — Swiss precision right down to the last detail.

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KR 804

Small, sturdy and versatile
Whether they are in service in small coffee stores or laboratories, the series 804 models are valued for their impressive functionality and reliability. Since these machines are extremely easy to clean, they are used where coffee beans of different flavours have to be ground as this requires more frequent and thorough cleaning.

Areas of application:

Coffee Shops  
Efficient bag shaking device (KR models) distributes grounds evenly into bag and ensures all particles are dispensed.

Laboratories / Roasters
The consistent grinding quality makes 804 models a perfect match for laboratories and roasters. Especially the 804 is ideal for cupping (grinding samples)



 Grinding capacity  approx. 500 g/min
 Hopper capacity  approx. 500g
 Dimensions (w x d x h)  200 x 260 x 480mm
 Voltage / frequency  220-240V / 50Hz
 Motor Power  0.5 kW
 Rotations / minute  1000 rpm
 Grinding disc diameter  80 mm
 Colour  Black
 Manual bag holding device  Yes
 Net weight  22.5 kg


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