AeroPress (愛樂壓)

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愛樂壓綜合了濾泡咖啡與滴漏咖啡的優點。 用濾紙過濾咖啡粉,後方的針筒提供壓力讓咖啡的油脂能完全萃取出。 讓你一方面可以得到使用濾紙萃取咖啡的清澈感,又能留下咖啡油脂讓口感滑順。 你所需要的只是加入一匙咖啡,加入熱水,輕輕一壓,美味咖啡就出現拉! 愛樂壓手壓壺 X 1 咖啡粉匙 X 1 攪拌匙 X1 漏斗 X1 濾紙(350片)及濾紙架

  • Makes 1 to 4 cups (1 or 2 mugs) of coffee or espresso
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Worldwide patents pending

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Using the ideal water temperature

and gentle air pressure brewing yields

rich flavor with lower acidity and

without bitterness.


Total immersion brewing results in uniform

extraction of the ultimate in full coffee

flavor. Other coffee makers drip hot water

on bed of grounds, over extracting at the

center and under extracting at the edge.


Micro filtered for grit free coffee – unlike

other press-type coffee makers.


One minute from start to enjoy. The actual

press time takes only 20 seconds.


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