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WPM MS-130 Milk Steamer

$ 2,100.00


惠家電器制造有限公司 于家電生産已有30年經驗, 專業銷售創新及高品質的小家電系列産品至歐美、日本等國家, 同時也在餐飲酒店設備等專業渠道享有盛譽。

近來,惠家着力于開發咖啡機産品系列, 并通過ISO9001及ISO14001的國際認證。

Milk Steamer
Dimensions : 140x380x340mm
Appearance Stainless steel body
Water Tank Capacity 0.8L
Voltage (V) 220 – 240 V/ 50 Hz
Power (W) 1450
(L*W*H in mm)
Net Weight (in kg) 6.4

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WPM MS-130 Milk Steamer


1)Compact and professional design
2)Heat up 200ml milk to 60oC in 40s
3)Super steam thermoblock can froth smooth foam


Warranted only against the defects not caused by artificial factors, not included the case that the defects due to irregular cleaning. Otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy WPM maintenance and repair service. To acquire more details, please visit: php?


Watch On YouTube: MS 130 Operation on YouTube


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