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ESPRO TOROID™ PITCHER (12oz. / 20oz.)

$ 380.00$ 480.00

Smooth, silky milk foam awaits.

The ESPRO Toroid™ steaming pitcher’s shape ensures that milk flows exactly the way it should! The spout is perfect for cappuccinos and latte art.

Easy to learn. Easy to teach. Easy to repeat day after day.



toroid (tôr’oid’) n. patent pending technology that organizes the circulation of milk inside a steaming pitcher. with the toroid steaming pitcher you can produce flawless microfoam more consistently, and pour latte art and cappuccinos with greater control than ever before.


Easy to use – great results

  • perfect spout for pouring latte art
  • ergonomic handle ensures balance and control throughout
  • features in the wall and base ensure that milk circulates exactly the way it should, allowing complete control over the quality of milk microfoam

You can make perfect microfoam

  • 12 oz: fill with 3-5 oz (85-150 ml) of chilled milk
  • 20 oz: fill with 6-10 oz (175-300 ml) of chilled milk
  • steam milk so that the milk-flow forms the toroid shape shown. different positions of the steam wand allow predictable variations in texture of your microfoam
  • continue steaming until the milk reaches your preferred final temperature, usually 130-150°F (55-65°C)
  • tap the pitcher on the counter, and then swirl the microfoam to make it even more smooth and consistent
  • pour and serve


Additional information

Espro Pitcher



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