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Cafelat Nikka Tamper

$ 499.00

The Nikka is the chunkiest of our tamper handles and is available in Natural Wood or Aluminium. Great for those who are used to using slightly larger tamper handles.

Material :Natural Wood / Aluminium

Height incl. base :90mm

Product Weight :310g (with Wood) / 370g (with Aluminium) with a 58mm base

Packaging :1 complete tamper per box




Nikka Tamper - Violet Wood, Zebra Wood and Aluminium

The Cafelat Nikka tamper is a bit more meatier than the others, for those baristas who can't live without the old fashioned larger handles. But of course the designer has improved the lines and made it very comfortable to use.

The handle still has the narrow design at the base which means it is suitable for all hands, big or small, thanks to the unique way in which it positions your fingers into a pinch type of position rather than relying on the palm of the hand to do the pushing.

There are 4 handle styles to choose from:

Aluminium - Handle is made from a solid bar of high grade aluminium, CNC turned and then expertly given a very fine brushed finish.

Violet Wood - A lovely dark wood that is by far the most popular wood from Cafelat.

Zebra Wood - A lighter wood that produces some real gems that are just gorgeous. The least dense of all the woods.

A black tamper seat is included as part of the set.

The base is made from 304 stainless steel and features a silky smooth brushed finish.  The handles and the bases are all finished to order in-house by Paul Pratt.  The woods are never coated in varnish or any kind of lacquer but given a nice natural feel with some high-end oils. The woods may receive several coats of oil over many days.

Handle Designed by: Karina Mencke, Denmark.

Please note that due to the nature of the wood there may be some variation from this photo in terms of the grain and the shade of the wood.

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