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[Beginner] Coffee Roasting Class

$ 500.00


We love everything about Coffee, from how Coffee trees grow and to how to brew and create different Coffee delights!
We hope to see people using the right approach when it comes to enjoying and learning about coffee. We are here to help people learn the difference between “Specialty Coffee” and “Commercial Coffee”. We want you to explore how Coffee does not have to taste bitter and that it does not have to be served with milk and sugar.
We are not just a studio with instructors to teach you how to brew good coffee. We are not here to give you a set of formulas and a list of do’s and don’ts. Our workshops are put together to help you understand the basics of coffee and then create a cup a Coffee that entices your taste bud – your own signature Coffee.

At Barista HK, you may also purchase Coffee beans, Coffee makers and accessories that have been carefully selected from around the world.
We are here to help you brew your own tantalising cup of signature Coffee.
Thanks and happy Coffee brewing.



咖啡烘焙課程 - 初階

- 讓各位了解咖啡烘焙的基本概念
- 專業烘豆機介紹
- 基本烘焙技巧,烘焙機操作(全課程使用韓國Proaster / Gene 烘焙機)
- 不同烘焙設定的咖啡的分別

請依照您的興趣登記,並提交表格或給我們 發送郵件

*Please remark or let us know which date of the class you want to attend while you pay*


Class: Coffee Roasting Workshop – Beginner
Where: Barista HK workshop
Price: $500/head
Length: 2.5 (1 Day Course)
Minimum Head Count: 2 Students
Maximum Head Count: 8 Students
Language: Cantonese

**English Class can be arranged separately.
***But there will have extra cost for the English tutor.
Please ask for the details.

Starting Date:

See HERE for updated schedule



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Coffee Class

Advance Class, Beginner Class


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