Self-Practice Section (Proaster Roasting Machine)

We offer a place with full equipment for someone who want to make more self-practice in Professional Coffee Roasting Machine.
We will provide all the related items (such as scaler, table for green bean grading...etc) within the self-practice time.

Please register your interest by submit the form or sending us an email.


自由練習時段 (Proaster 咖啡豆烘焙機)

我們提供了一個擁有專業咖啡豆烘焙機的地方, 給所有希望有更多練習時間的人士自由練習不同的烘焙手法.
自由練習時間內,我們將提供所需相關物品/設備(如scaler, 挑咖啡生豆的地方…等等)。


Starting Date

Date: Mon - Sat
Time: 11am - 7pm (Please voice out if any special arrangement needed)
Where: Barista HK Self-Practice Section
Price: $200/hour/person (not include Green Bean)
Length: Not limited but at least 2 hours(According to our time table)
Equipment: Proaster Coffee Roasting Machine (Electricity version)

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