Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE)

SCAE & Intro to Coffee

SCAE – Introduction to Coffee Certificate

Course Content Includes:

- What is speciality coffee
- The history of coffee
- Your greens – Arabica and Robusta
- The Basics of Roasting
- Freshness
- The basics of brewing
- Various brewing methods
- Intro. to Cupping and exercise

(Will issued SCAE Certificate if the Exams PASSED)
(Course fee including Exam & Certificate fee)

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歐洲精品咖啡協會 – 專業咖啡知識入門證書


-認識Arabica 及Robusta

(如所有考試合格,將獲頒發 SCAE 的合格證書)


Starting Date:

Where: Barista HK workshop
Price: $2500/head
Class Size: Maximum 6 person
Length: ~4-5 hours
(Course fee including Exam & Certificate fee)

See HERE for updated schedule

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