Barista Skill – Advance

This workshop is a continuation of "Barista Workshop - Beginner"

This workshop includes,
- understanding the concept of 'Barista'
- Introduction to Espresso Cupping
- Advance Latte art technic
- Introduction of hand-drip coffee
- understanding, cleaning & maintenance your equipment

and all the factors required in performing the full role of a 'Barista'.

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專業咖啡師課程 - 進階

這課程是作為“專業咖啡師課程 - 初階” 的延續

- 讓各位了解作為專業咖啡師的基本知識
- 意式咖啡品評介紹
- 進階咖啡拉花技巧
- 手沖咖啡的沖煮介紹
- 器材的正確使用,清潔及保養技巧


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Starting Date:

Where: Barista HK workshop
Price: $800/head
2 hours (One Day Course),
plus 1 Hour FREE self-practice time (according to available time slot)

See HERE for updated schedule

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